Just thinking about my travelling future…..

Just thinking about my travelling future…obviously not the too long term future at my age!

This year I am in the process of arranging a few national mini tours performing the ‘Glorie Days’ all age concerts playing my favourite Glorie Company sing a long songs and stories.

2019 planning a few tours with the brand new ‘Glorie days are here again’ all age concerts which will be premiered at Minehead spring harvest this year and will be made up of Just my sing-a-long scripture songs and stories.

2020 the big one celebrating the ‘50 years of travelling ministry’ concerts. All my very favourite songs and untold stories over 50 years of gigging.

And finally (Maybe) 2021 the ‘50 years anniversary of Ishmael and Andy’ a few gigs where I’m going to try and encourage my very long time best buddy to do a few gigs with me again….reviving our 50 year old set!

We will of course need to sleep beforehand and have ovaltine waiting for us afterwards!

Of course this is ‘God willing’ but I feel it’s always good to make plans and have projects to look forward to and as yet, God has not informed me that He seems to have plans for me to urgently join him and to be honest I think He seems pretty pleased that I’m carrying on doing what I’m doing down here for the foreseeable future.

All thanks be to God….yea…let’s rock on!

Still open to visit a some more churches in the next few years.