Concert name change.

Even if you know nothing about my years spent working with thousands of 8-11 year old children in the ‘Glorie Company’ I’m sure that all ages will still really enjoy the ‘Glorie Days’ concert as it contains great fun singalong songs and also some mind blowing stories of how we saw God use children in amazing ways.

However, the concert that will follow ‘Glorie Days’ that I originally was going to call ‘Glorie Days Are Here Again’ has nothing to do with ‘Glories’, ‘the Glorie Company’ or even children.

Although I will use this title for this years Spring Harvest concert in Minehead (which of course was the birthplace and home of the ‘Glorie Company’ for years and years) for all other gigs the concert title will be ‘Ishmael’s Scripture Song’ concert…which really does what it says on the tin and hopefully be a little less confusing.