Concert and a Praise Party

I’ve just been invited back to Finedon (Near Wellingborough) on Friday September 14th so if anyone would like a visit on the Wednesday or Thursday 12th & 13th of September please let me know.

I’m really looking for 2 Churches, north of London and south of Nottingham…roughly, the midlands area for that mini-tour.

Now Finedon (and others) have asked if as well as doing a concert which is primarily for adults and older children, whilst I am with them could I also do an ‘after school Praise Party’ especially for the younger children in their Church.

The answer is yes of course, I just want to be used as much as I can by God…whilst I still can be!

I do still love doing Praise Parties where I teach simply about Jesus, and make sure that every song I that sing requires some sort of participation and fun from the little ones attending. As with the concerts large numbers are not important.

I would do the 45-60 minute Praise Party around 5.00pm so it would still be fine to start the concert at 7pm or 7.30pm.

So, if you would like a visit during September please let me know.

If you would like a visit (wherever you live) at another time…please also let me know!

You can choose out of the 3 concerts which concert you would prefer.

1)’Sting in the Tale’ my testimony concert.

2) ‘Glorie Day’s concert’ where I tell you about the wonderful ways that I have seen God use children over the years and sing favourite songs that all ages will enjoy and can join in singing with me.

3) ‘Scripture Song Concert”. The latest concert (which will be premiered at Spring Harvest Minehead this year) where I revive a lot of my most popular Scripture songs and I guarantee amidst all the fun, everyone will leave having learned a little more about the Bible. Soooo important!

Please e mail me ( if you are interested and would like more info.