Mini tours until the summer

Fantastic and praise God…very exciting few months ahead!

It looks like all the national mini-concert-tours until July are now sorted although there maybe room to squeeze one more visit in at the beginning or at the end of each trip if you wanted to host one and I am anywhere near your area.

13th Coventry (Glorie Days)
14th Erdington (Glorie Days)
15th Finedon (Sting in the Tale)

25th Papworth (Sting in the Tale)
26th Comberton (Glorie Days)
27th Ramsey (Sting in the Tale)
28th Ramsey (Praise Party)

22nd Bristol (Praise Party followed by Sting in the Tale)
23rd Swindon (Sting in the Tale)
24th Rodbourne (Praise Party)

26th North Hykeham (Sting in the Tale)
27th Lincoln (Glorie Days)
28th Kirton (Glorie Days)
29th Sleaford (Glorie Days)

Can’t wait!