Latest diary updates

Just thought you might like an update for planned visits so far this year…still room for a few more!

As you can see I’m now touring with 3 very different concerts plus giving organisers the choice of a Praise Party beforehand.
You can choose which concert you would prefer. (See below)

25th Papworth (Sting in the Tale)
26th Comberton (Glorie Days)
27th Ramsey (Sting in the Tale)
28th Ramsey (Praise Party)

22nd Bristol (Sting in the Tale & Praise Party)
23rd Swindon (Sting in the Tale)
24th Rodbourne (Praise Party)
26th Plumpton May Camp (Praise Party)

26th North Hykeham (Sting in the Tale)
27th Lincoln (Glorie Days)
28th Kirton (Glorie Days)
29th Sleaford (Glorie Days & Praise Party)

10th Worthing Messy Church (Praise Party)

12th Impact Ministries International Camp Evesham.
(Teaching & Praise Party)

12th Hook Norton (Sting in the Tale & Praise Party)
13th Rugby (Sting in the Tale & Praise Party)
14th Finedon (Glorie Day’s & Praise Party)
21st Littlehampton (Scripture Song Concert)

12th OswaldTwistle (Glorie Days & Praise Party)
13th Bradford Glorie Days & Praise Party)
14th Bradford (All Age Service)
20th Chiddingfold (Scripture Song concert)

9th Felpham (Scripture Song concert)
10th Bitterne (Sting in the Tale concert)

2nd North Bersted (Scripture Song morning service concert)

Please note we have moved Birchwood, Horncastle, North Hykeham and Spalding from November onto February 2019 so will be looking for venues to visit during the latter part of November 2018. Anyone interested? You can choose which concert you would like and also if you would like a Praise Party before.

Also…if you would like to tag your Church onto one of the tours or have a one off visit, please let me know.

e mail me at

Can’t get enough of these concert gigs so please keep them coming in…10 years ago lying in a hospital bed I never dreamt that God had lined up for me such exciting and fun times to happen a decade later!

Your concert choice.

‘Sting in the Tale’ acoustic concert (suitable for adults both believers and seekers). It’s a night of stories! I play and sing some of my Bible story songs and in between songs I tell a little of my crazy life story! A great fun, gently evangelistic concert. (90 minutes)

‘Glorie Days’ acoustic concert (suitable for older children and adults).
In this concert I sing and play some of the favourite songs from the ’Glorie Company’ days and these were songs enjoyed by all ages not just by children. I also tell some amazing stories of how I witnessed God using children. An inspiring yet fun sing-a-long concert and if any of the audience have never heard of Glories…it makes no difference they will still love it! (60-75 minutes)

‘Scripture Song’ ‘acoustic concert (suitable for older children and adults)
In the latest concert I sing and play about 26 of my most popular Bible teaching and Scripture verse songs. All the songs are instantly sing-a-long-able and incredibly memorable. I guarantee all who attend will leave having learned a little more about the Bible in a great fun way. (60-75 minutes)

‘Praise Party’A concert which is fun & very lively! Every song requires audience involvement and participation hence it is ideal for very young children and their parents / grandparents etc. (45 minutes if prior to a concert)