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Ready Salted/The charge of the light brigade/It’s amazin what praisin can do/If you can’t shout saved/Life begins at 30/Land of hope and Glories/Songs for bouncing Glories/The power and the Glories/Praise Party Vol 1/Praise Party Vol 2/Praise Party Vol 3/Sting in the Tale/Family praise favourites/Scripture praise party/Subtle as a sledgehammer/Training up thr troops/Songs for little troopers/Christmas carol celebration/Praise and Glories/Hymn celebration/Ishmael USA/Joyful noise for girls and boys/Bible belters/Wakey wakey sleepy sleepy/Little songs for little children/worship songs for little children/Praise songs for little children/52 Scripture songs vol 1/52 Scripture songs vol 2/I know Jesus loves me/It’s party time/I know Jesus loves me too/Be happy and be glad/Bigger barn/Revived/ and Songs & hymns!

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And remember…even if some of these albums may have dated a little over the past 50 years…Ish hasn’t…well, maybe just a little bit!