A very busy and diverse 3 days!

I’ve just finished a busy, slightly tiring and very diverse 3 days!

On Saturday I was in Eastbourne with brother Timbo playing bass.

We started with a brilliant Praise Party that was attended by some very lively, excitable young children but also very well behaved. The minute I started telling them a Bible story they sat very still and you could hear a pin drop!

Then followed the ‘Glorie Days’ concert. I don’t think we have ever had an audience that participated so well…even though some did not know any of the songs!
A fantastic fun concert.

Then on the Sunday morning I preached in the Cathedral and my sermon could be summed with these words…
‘I believe that seekers need to know both the rewards AND the cost of following Christ before they start their Spiritual journey.’
The congregation seemed to appreciate it.

Then today, I’ve just conducted a funeral for an old friend and again the family were very grateful.

So very tired and ready for a few days rest and recovery… well, golf to be precise, it’s the same as resting for me…I find long sleeps and sitting around really boring!

And also it’s time to prepare for 4 concerts, 1 Praise Party and 2 rounds of golf in Lincolnshire next week with my old buddy Alan playing bass for me… at the concerts..not the golf I hasten to add!

Life at the mo is soooo good!
Thank you Lord!