Updated dates for this year

12th Hook Norton (Sting in the Tale)
13th Rugby (Sting in the Tale)
14th Finedon (Glorie Day’s & Praise Party)
16th Littlehampton (Preaching at the morning service)
21st Littlehampton (Scripture Song Concert)
30th West Ewell (Special anniversary morning service)

12th OswaldTwistle (Scripture Song Concert & Praise Party in a school)
13th Bradford (Scriptures Song Concert & Praise Party)
14th Bradford (All Age Service)
20th Chiddingfold (Scripture Song concert)
21st Chiddingfold (Special All Age Service)
27th Romford (Sting in the Tale Concert)
28th Romford (When the road is rough & steep seminar and Praise Party)

3rd Ramsey (Praise Party and Scripture Songs Concert)
4th Ramsey (All Age Service)
9th Felpham (Scripture Song concert)
10th Bitterne (Praise Party and Scripture Song Concert)
22nd Crewe (Praise party and A sting in the Tale Concert)
23rd Stoke on Trent (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
24th Shrewsbury (Praise Party & Scripture Song Concert)
25th Shrewsbury (All Age Service)

2nd North Bersted (Scripture Song morning service concert)

2019 So far confirmed and possible visits.
Enfield, Spring Harvest Minehead, Skegness and Harrogate, Swindon, Bristol, Bishop Aukland and Glasgow.

If you are interested in hosting an ‘Ish thing’ in your Church whilst I am somewhere near your area this year please let me know.

e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk