Bradford trip.

Before I take a Sunday service I usually meet up with the local Church to pray and often someone prays ‘and Lord if you want to do something different we are ready to change things to fit in with Your plan.’

Although I say ‘amen’ I am secretly praying ‘Lord please don’t change anything, it took me ages to prepare this sermon (with your help) and the order of service and all the songs are loaded into the Churches computer and it will really confuse the tech guy if I suddenly make a lot of changes.’

Yesterday morning in Bradford, I knew that very few children attended the Church so I’d prepared an appropriate set of songs and talk on the creation to suit the adults attending.

All was going well until a few minutes before I was about to start. It was then that car loads of children came rushing in and sat in the front row…they now outnumbered the adults!

So the songs suddenly had to change and my ‘very well prepared’ creation talk got heavily edited as I then had to attempt to ‘run it into’ the parable of the sower which had pictures for the children.

Needless to say we had a great time, the tech guys were great and all seemed to appreciate the service…although I was worn out at the end having to think / pray on my feet about what to do next for an hour!

Thank you Lord for helping me through it but maybe next week, we could stick to what we both planned before hand?