The last concert

I’ve decided that ‘The Big Celebration’ concert which celebrates my 50 years on the road and 70 years on the earth and begins next year will be the last concert that I will be planning.

This will be a unique concert compared to the other 3 as all the songs will be ‘sing-a-long praise songs and there will not be a ‘fixed set’ I will be swapping songs and stories around so no concert will be exactly the same.

I will still be travelling with the ‘Scripture Song’ concert (the learning the Bible concert). The ‘Glorie Day’s’ concert (songs and stories from my 35 years in children’s ministry) And the ‘Sting in the tale’ concert (my testimony and life story concert with songs to fit). And of course still be doing children’s Praise Parties and all age services.

Organisers will have the choice of which concert they would like to host in their Church and all I promise are ‘typical Ish’ interactive, informal…and fun!

I’ve no date as yet when I plan to stop touring so as long as people would like to visit them and of course as long as I am both physically and mentally able to, I will still continue to be ‘on the road for Jesus!’

I love it!