Saturday December 8th

Don’t forget everyone, this Saturday (8th) I will be doing a special concert to help support Tom and Fiona Mills and their family as my good friend Tom is suffering severe cancer.

It will be held at Bognor Baptist Church (Victoria Drive) from 7.30-8.30pm and will be all fun and all praise and suitable for both adults and all ages of children.

It will be free but an offering will be taken to help financially support the Mills family.
I’m also going to invite our Suzy along to teach us some of the fun actions that go with the songs!

Also to let you know that the Scripture Song Concert on Sunday held at St Mary Magdalene Church in South Bersted instead of their usual family service worked an absolute treat for all ages present.

So if your Church is adventurous and would fancy keeping all ages together one Sunday morning and having an hour long, fun, musical Bible Study instead of your normal family service, please give me a shout!