Ish’s Cosy Concerts

My good buddy Noel Richards shared with me something that he does midweek and I thought wow, that would really be great for my ‘History of Ish’ testimony concert.
My main ministry of course will continue to be visiting Churches and doing my concerts with them but I do realise that some of your Churches feel they don’t want to, or are unable to arrange a concert in their building which is fair enough. However, how about YOU hosting a Cosy Concert for your neighbours, friends, fellow church people in YOUR LOUNGE!
I would insist that your lounge is big enough to comfortably seat at least 25 people…. and not sitting on each others laps!It would also need to be a detached I will be making a little noise and it’s not really a good witness to upset those living in houses close by!
I would link your visit (the day before or after) with a Church concert that I have been invited to do.
It would of course a be very informal, great fun and gently evangelistic….cosy concert!
I would hasten to add that this concert is NOT a childrens event and will not be suitable for young children, it really is a chance for you to get your adult friends who are believers or seeking into your home for a fun yet challenging evening…and of course you won’t need months in advance to advertise it!
If you are interested please e mail me at and I will send you more info.