Happy Christmas. Buy 1 get 1 free!

Remarkably people are still buying (and still enjoying it seems) the Christmas Carol Celebration CD which I recorded 30 years ago!

Well, traditional Carols never seem to date…probably because we only sing them a few weeks each year!

My little Carol CD bounces along and ding dongs merrily on high….and amazingly a lot of the children who sang on it so beautifully, will now have teenage children of their own!

Special treat up until December 10th.

Buy one and I’ll add another free to pass onto a friend. Total cost for the 2 inc P&P £9.00

You can either buy them through PAYPAL from the website shop or contact me direct via messenger or e mail and you can pay by BACS.

And God rest ye merry gentle…people!
I’m afraid my recording has the old original non PC lyrics!?