Fancy a new year Praise Party?

As mentioned earlier, I’m just revising what I’ll be offering Churches as I tour during 2020 but whilst doing so I glanced at the new year diary and realised that nearly all the bookings so far in Jan / Feb are for Sunday All Age Celebrations.
An idea came to mind and I just wondered if any Churches fairly local to where I’ll be going to be on the Sunday, fancied starting the new year with a fun All Age Ish 75 minute Praise Party on the Saturday beforehand, mainly for your local Church and their guests. Maybe even having a Church tea party before the Praise Party!What a great way to start the year, and I would provide all the sound equipment if needed.
Large numbers would not be expected and It wouldn’t take hardly any organisation, just shouting about and advertising in your notices and would only cost £100 towards expenses, plus an offering at the actual Praise Party.
So…. I would be available to do a Praise Party near Portsmouth on Saturday January 18th.
A Praise Party near Bexleyheath on Saturday January 25th.
A Praise Party near Newport, South Wales on Saturday February 15th
What a way for all of the Church family to begin the new year…and I promise you, it will be suitable for both adults and all ages of children.
If interested please messenger me or e mail me at