Lliswerry Baptist Church in Newport

Although it’s always a thrill to be invited to new places and make new friends, it is almost a greater thrill to be invited back somewhere for a return visit.
I think whatever Christian ministry you have, when you visit a place to minister then never hear from the Church again, the human side of you thinks…did I blow it? Did I do / say something wrong? Did those I ministered too really not like me, because I thought we got on so well.
Of course it was (hopefully) none of those and we are just being over sensitive but in Scripture even the Apostle Paul seemed to enjoy an on going relationship with the Churches he visited not just a one off hit.
Why am I saying this?Well I’m thrilled to announce that the booking I was asking you to help me to find when I revisit South Wales on February 15th has been kindly taken up by a Church I visited on February 9th earlier this year, Lliswerry Baptist Church in Newport. I will be doing an all age praise party concert with them. More details to follow.
Of course I am really looking forward to doing the praise party but believe it or not I’m even more looking forward to catching up with my Lliswerry friends that I made earlier this year.
So anymore revisits to renew friendships made, are always welcomed!