The 4 main events for 2020

So here they are at last! The 4 main events that I will be offering organisers / Church leaders up and down the country throughout 2020

1) Sunday All Age Service
Ish’s ‘rather special’ all age service will include a Bible reading, prayers, a short Bible talk with a challenge, and of course, a lot of singing and learning Scripture together. The service will last approx 75 minutes and will obviously be fairly informal, light hearted and fun so as to include any younger ones present. It is a service that most adults and children will enjoy because there will be no long sermons, no long prayer times, and no worship songs will be repeated more than twice!But I promise you, the presence of the Lord will be with us…even if this service may be a little livelier than some are used to!

2) The All Age Praise Party Concert
A great fun concert that is aimed at ALL ages. Nearly all the songs will require audience participation, mostly singing, but some songs will require a few actions where I will encourage the children and any ‘lively’ adults to get involved. Lot’s of Scripture learning songs, very little chat but maybe (if appropriate) a short Bible story. Amid all the craziness, of course the Christian message will gently come across loud and clear.This Praise Party concert will last approx 75 minutes.

3) Ish’s Big Celebration Concert
Do join me as I thank God for allowing me over 50 years of travelling on the road and over 70 years of living on the earth! In between the songs I will be sharing a bit of my life story, of how and why I became a Christian, how I changed from punk to Glories and how I faced chemo and found a Cathedral etc! Full of fun, packed with sing-a-long songs and just a gentle bit of challenge!This concert is suitable for both adults and older children and will last approx 90 minutes..

4) When the road is rough and steep seminar / concert
A very honest musical testimony concert where I share some of my most difficult times over the past few years having had to face both cancer and family bereavement. Although understandably serious at times, there will still be plenty of smiles throughout keeping the concert easy listening and positive. A concert that will hopefully encourage any who have been through, or are going through difficult times themselves.I will be happy to pray with any who require prayer afterwards. This concert is suitable mainly for adults and will last approx 75-90 minutes

Need more info on any of these? Please messenger me or e mail