Ish’s top 10 for 2019

I thought that you may like to see the top 10 songs of mine, in popularity order, that you sang (or more accurately, your Churches have registered with CCLI) during 2019.
I can’t understand why ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ or ‘Bigger Barn’ are not in the list but there are some interesting songs listed below that I may need to add into my 2020 touring set if you are obviously enjoying singing them in your Churches.

1) Father God I Wonder (of course!)

2) I once was frightened of spiders (expected)

3) We are one we are family together ( a surprise and possible set contender)

4) So I’ve made up my mind (I love singing this song live)

5) I may live in a great big city (another surprise and possible set contender)

6) Blessed is the King who comes (a Palm Sunday special)

7) The creation Song (another song I love singing live)

8) O Lord you’re great (a third surprise but really needs a band to play live)

9) Jesus Christ is risen today (a real shock, a third possible set contender)

10) I will wave my hands in praise and adoration (yet another song that I love singing live and is nearly always in my touring set)