Ooops this should have come before the Sunday at Lincoln post!

I have just returned from spending a weekend at the unique (and amazing) Ignite Church in Lincoln.

It really is very different than another Church I have visited. but I’ll tell you about the Sunday Service tomorrow.

Leader Darren wanted the brand new ‘All Fired Up’ all age praise party concert on Saturday which is what I gave them…along with the help of my old buddy Alan who played bass for me.

Lots and lots of my most popular songs were interspersed with short testimony stories of how the Holy Spirit has been involved in my Christian life.

For instance I told short stories on…
Beginning to be fired up (my salvation story)
Getting really fired up (How God filled me with His Holy Spirit)
Fired up with no fear (How the Holy Spirit gave me boldness in scary situations)
Getting fired up for miracles (How God has used me…and children in miracles and healings)
All fired up to trust God (How I’ve had to trust the Holy Spirit to guide me through life)
And a lot more…

It really went so well…and there were lot’s of young children present who sat amazed by some of my stories!

Maybe this very special all age Praise Party would go down well at your Church? Do let me know if you think it would and I’ll send you more details.

As I said earlier, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about this mornings unique service, I don’t want you to get over excited!