Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 10 & 11

I was now getting more confident in writing praise / worship style songs and on ‘Ishmael’s Children’s Praise party Vol 2’ I decided to risk using mostly my own compositions. At this stage I must make mention of my buddy Mick Gisbey who was later to join me touring. Mick was writing some fantastic songs and I not only included a couple on this album but also included many more of his songs on albums to follow. Ishmael’s Children’s Praise Party Vol 3 was in many ways a breakthrough album for me. Again, the majority of songs were my own and now I had also started to put a few Bible verses to simple tunes which later inspired me to write more and more Scripture Songs. I also had just written a simple little song called ‘Father God I Wonder’ which some of you may have heard of. This was the very first time I recorded it and put it on an album with children singing it. Quite a few of the songs on this album became very popular and some, believe it or not, are still being sung today.

Album 10

Ishmael’s Children’s Praise party Vol 2 1984

1) We’ll praise Him on the trumpet 2) Lord I ask 3) We give thanks 4) Spirit of God 5) I’m expecting great things 6) As Jesus back was whipped and beaten 7) I am a new creation 8) Create in me9) The fields are ripe 10) I will pour out my Spirit 11) Here for a moment 12) I rejoice in making Jesus happy 13) Taste and see 14) We will praise, we will praise 15) Shout for joy and sing 16) His was the pain 17) No wooden cross 18) Blessed are you 19) May the favour

Album 11

Ishmael’s Children’s Praise Party Vol 3 1985

1) Creation Song 2) Have you got an appetite 3) The Word of God 4) Salvation is found 5) Hebrews 11 v 6 6) The sky is filled 7) Kiss the hand of Jesus 8) I worship you in holiness 9) As I look at myself 10) The most important thing 11 With the music that I play 12) O Lord you’re great 13) 5000 + hungry folk 14) Put on the sword 15) How beautiful upon the mountains 16) Jesus died to make me whole 17) When you really understand 18) I will show you I’m rejoicing 19) I’m not weary 20) I will wave my hands in praise 21) You give me peace 22) Father God I Wonder 23) I’ve made up my mind