Ish’s Daily Discography. Albums 8 & 9

As I’ve still plenty of time to spare at the mo I thought we could have a bit more fun together.Each day I will post up 2 albums that I’ve recorded (in order) to remind you (and me) of all the tracks on them and also say a few words about each. Just to remind you that all these albums are still available from our website shop either as whole album downloads, whole album hard copy CDs (which I will post to you) or if you prefer you can download any track individually.

‘Land of Hope and Glories’ was a concept album teaching about salvation, baptism, the normal Christian life and yes, I also included suffering and martyrdom. I wanted the sequel ‘The Power and the Glories’ to be centred around teaching about the Holy Spirit and what happens when one drifts away from God and Church. But, like its predecessor, I wanted it to portray my rather quirky sense of humour both in the lyrics and the musical styles. It was through this album that I thought up the concept of a Praise Party, a time where children could enjoy praising God in a party atmosphere and nearly 40 years on I still use the name ‘Ish’s Praise Party’ today on my tours. I continued to use the Praise Party idea for my next album ‘Ishmael’s

Children’s Praise Party Vol 1.’ I believe at this time some of the best, well definitely the most lively and joyful Christian short songs were being written by others. These songs had very strong melody lines and although they were classed as ‘adult’ songs, I knew children would love singing them, and they certainly did on this album. I was not yet confident in writing praise songs so hence only a couple of my own songs are included on this album but that was soon to change over the next couple of recordings.

Album 8

The Power and the Glories 1982

1)You need power to be a Glorie 2) Y stop dying-Y start living 3) I wanna be free 4) Like electricity 5) Corinthian Gifts 6) Super-Naturally 7) Galatian Fruit 8) The Glorie Fruit Farm 9) I’m looking up to Jesus 10) That’s life 11) Peoples not Steeples 12) Your love in me 13) Running Round in Circles 14) The Facts of Life 15) Making Amends 16) Praise Party 17) He is Able 18) My Eyes have seen the Glory

Album 9

Ishmael’s Children’s Praise Party Vol 1 1983

1) Bring a Psalm 2) When the Spirit of the Lord 3) The Holy Spirit set my feet a dancing 4) In the presence of the Lord 5) Let it breathe 6) Let there be glory 7) And now my feet break forth in dance 8) Great and wonderful 9) Through our God 10) I hear the sound of the army 11) Lord you put a tongue 12) I wanna dance, I wanna sing 13) Lord help me to joyfully praise 14) I delight greatly in the Lord 15) O the valleys shall sing 16) Praise and adoration 17) I will rejoice 18) I’m a conqueror 19) You shall go out with joy