Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 12 & 13

I updated the title and cover of ‘Antique Collection’ to Sting in the Tale’ but kept the recording exactly the same. I don’t think I’ve ever had such fun recording an album. I dragged a load of ‘the lads’ from our Church into a recording studio and we recorded lots of the most popular and crazy Ishmael and Andy tongue in cheek, parable songs that had never been recorded before. Far too mad for the rather serious Christian music scene of those days! This is the very best (probably only) Christian ‘Pub’ singalong you’ll ever hear, and of course I had to have the good old ‘honky tonk’ joanna rattling away in the background. Nearly all the vocals were done 1st take, they had to be. My ‘choir’ of working men were never going to be the most patient and want to hang around in a recording studio for too long.I recorded Family Praise Favourites because these were the very best songs of the day, probably the very best songs of any day in my opinion and I was keen that children should sing them and teach the world that they too can be serious worshippers as much as adults. I sneaked ‘Father God’ alongside these classics because it was just beginning to become quite a favourite.

Album 12

Ishmael’s Antique Collection 1986 But I re-released it and changed the title to A Sting in the Tale in 1993

1) Rum, Gin and Cocktail 2) The Grunting Song 3) Glub Glub 4) Chain Gang 5) Bert’s a Cert-How about you? 6) Major Dee Deedle Dee 7) 2 Timothy 2 (to the lot of you) 8) A Steeple and 10 Veg please 9) Ronald Robot 10) Rumpug the Miser 11) And so the Race goes on 12) Eli the Fly 13) M.O.T 14) Fergusons Mule

Album 13

Ishmael’s Family Praise Favourites 1986

1) O Lord our God (We will magnify) 2) Praise Him in the Sanctuary 3) Father in heaven how we love you 4) You laid aside Your majesty 5) Showers of blessing 6) Be bold, be strong 7) O Lord You’re beautiful 8) There is a Redeemer 9) We worship and adore You 10) Rejoice 11) Reigning in all splendour 12)God is good 13) We place You on the highest place 14) Let us praise His name with dancing 15) In heavenly armour 16) Father God I wonder