Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 14 & 15

With Scripture Praise Party I seriously got down to putting simple little tunes to Bible verses. My main aim was to help children to learn Scripture. I deliberately wanted the tunes to be annoyingly catchy and would aim to write each song in 10 minutes max. I would then test each song out on an audience and if they were not able to whistle the tune after I’d sung it through twice, i’d drop the song. To this day I still cannot remember what possessed me to put a nagging wife is like a dripping tap on a children’s album!

For many wonderful years I was a member of Gerald Coates Pioneer team along with my good buddy Noel Richards and a few others. I have to say these were fun and very exciting times and we saw God do some amazing things. I wanted to add a bit of finance to help support the team so I released a compilation album called as subtle as a sledgehammer because to be fair, Pioneer was famous for being just that! The songs were totally unsubtle and some of my favourites and the little profit that was made was ploughed back into Pioneer.

Album 14

Scripture Praise Party 1987

1) I have hidden your word 2) Be merciful to me O God 3) Now the Lord is the Spirit 4) All Scripture is God-breathed 5) To all who received Him 6) He has shown you 7) For the Lamb 8) Wealth and possessions 9) Where O death is your victory 10) A nagging wife 11) Those who belong to Christ Jesus 12) Don’t be afraid 13) Wakey wakey 14) Jehovah Jireh 15) No matter how much you dream 16) There is no darkness 17) The still small voice 18) Jesus said ‘not everyone who says to me’ 19) A backslider gets bored with himself 20) The people cried with their voices loud 21) Beatitudes 22) For if you forgive men 23) Do not store up 24) Praise and glory

Album 15

As subtle as a sledgehammer (Compilation) 1987

1) Its amazin what praisin can do 2) D is for dynamite 3) I wanna be free 4) Word of wisdom 5) Supernaturally 6) Praise Party 7) Lord you put a tongue 8) The fields are ripe 9) I will pour out my Spirit 10) We will praise, we will praise 11) The sky is filled 12) O Lord You’re great 13) Where oh death is your victory 14) Beatitudes 15) Father God I wonder