Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 16 & 17

With the idea of ‘Training up the troops’ came some of the most exciting days in the Glorie Company. When I released this first Troops album I asked all my team to come to Spring Harvest dressed in army fatigues. The idea was to teach children that we are all in God’s army and in a battle against the evil one who wants to wreck the lives of both young and old. Pretty heavy stuff for 8 to 11 year olds maybe, but I believe they not only took it onboard, but also became a lot Spiritually stronger after learning (in a child friendly way of course) about Spiritual warfare. The 2 Training up the troops albums are 2 of my favourite recordings containing some very strong songs and strangely enough, I even wrote some instrumental tracks to include on them which we used for our ‘keep fit’ slot in the Glorie Company programme. Originally only released on cassette as cassettes were now the ‘in’ thing and the way everyone was listening to music on their Sony Walkmans!Now troops 1 & 2 are available on a double CD from us but sadly we had to drop 3 tracks * as there was not enough room on the CD for all of them.Songs for Little troopers was recorded all electronically and Tim Jupp (who travelled with me for many years playing keyboard) would now be the mastermind behind many of the albums to follow. This is a great bouncy recording for our little younger troopers who may have found some of the more ‘mature’ tracks on the troops recordings a little too old for them.

Album 16

Training up the troops 1988

1) The commission (Instrumental) 2) We are in God’s army 3) We are all assembled 4) Little troopers 5) Training up the troops* 6) I will call upon the Lord 7) God is here God is present 8) We are the Glorie Company 9) We will praise You* 10) Don’t be lazy 11) The deserter 12) Lord I strive 13) May the peace and presence 14) We belong to an army 15) Mission accomplished (Instrumental)

Album 17

Songs for little troopers 1989

1) I’m a little Glorie (Instrumental) 2) Lord we’ve come to worship You 3) I want to learn about Jesus 4) 39, thirty nine 5) The Grasshopper song 6) I don’t need to be big to be beautiful 7) Little man 8) So if you think you’re standing firm 9) 5000 + hungry folk 10) The Lord’s prayer 11) Lord You gave me joy in my heart 12) I will click my fingers 13) Down in a noisy small valley 14) Lord I want to be a Glorie 15) There’s nothing better 16) The Lord’s army 17) The Royal Prayer Force 18) Father God I wonder 19) I’m a little Glorie (Reprise)