Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 18 & 19

As mentioned, the troops albums were a couple of my favourites. Although both 1 & 2 were primarily aimed for children at our Glorie Company gatherings, a lot of the songs on these albums proved to be what we call crossover songs and were picked up by adults and sung at their meetings and services.Again I included a couple of instrumentals and the 1st track Andy and I wrote as the exit music for brother Timbo and his new wife Gill’s wedding service.But with all the great tracks on these albums my favourite has to be ‘What a long hard day it’s been’. Along with Father God I Wonder, this has proved to be one of the most meaningful songs that I have ever written. This song means so much to me personally.I’ve always loved singing Christmas Carols but so often they are played in such a dirgy and depressing way.I wanted children to enjoy singing these great traditional Christmas songs in a bouncy rocky way, hence why I saw the real need for this album.All these years later I still maintain that this is one of the most bouncy, lively yet sincere Christmas Carol albums performed by Christians available.

Now troops 1 & 2 are available on a double CD from us but sadly we had to drop 3 tracks from Vol 1 as there was not enough room on the CD for all of them.

Album 18

Training up the Troops Vol 2 1989

1) Here comes the bride 2) Come on (Lets praise the Lord) 3) G L O R I E 4) Children of God’s family 5) Light a flame 6) A promise from Your lips 7) Almighty God is here 8) Marching orders 9) Begone you evil minded men 10) Nicodemus 11) Little troopers revisited 12) Lord I need to know you love me 13) Glorie electro-reel 14) The Marksman 15) What a long hard day it’s been (Angels)

After training up the troops 2 in 1989 we released ‘Hooked on Ishmael’ but I’ve not included this because this was not my recording. This was Tim Jupp’s wonderful instrumental album linking a whole host of songs from my previous albums together and really making them bounce along in the then popular ‘hooked on’ style.

Album 19

Christmas Carol Celebration 1991

1) Oh come all ye faithful 2) The first Nowell 3) Good Christian men rejoice 4) Away in a manger 5) Angel’s from the realms of glory 6) Once in Royal David’s City 7) Ding dong merrily on high 8) See amid the winters snow 9) O little town of Bethlehem 10) God rest ye merry gentlemen 11) Silent night 12) Hark the herald angel’s sing