Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 20 & 21

On ‘Training up the troops 2’ I included an instrumental used at brother Timbo’s wedding and on ‘Praise & Glories’ I included another instrumental ‘Here comes (Timmy’s) bride’ which Tim Jupp ( who travelled with me for many years and now is the brains behind Big Church Day Out) wrote as the entrance music for his wedding to my niece Becca. I was also now well into writing books and in my ‘Children of the Voice’ novels I wrote out some words for the ‘Littlekids marching song’. I decided to give the words a tune and included it on this album.Again, many songs on this album became very popular including ‘Glorie train’. For those who didn’t know, around this time I nearly became a TV star presenting my very own children’s series called ‘The Glorie train’ for ITV but sadly the ITV station went bust so it didn’t get any further than the pilot. Oh well!

I may have written a few reasonable songs but I owe a lot of gratitude to other hymn / song writers before me who wrote far better songs and were songs that I as a child really loved singing. With this in mind I wanted the children that I was ministering to, to enjoy some of the old songs and not just the new ones that I and others were writing.Hence this album. I’ll let you into a secret, I never liked singing well known songs and hymns written by other people because (you might have noticed) God gave me a voice that was far more suited to shouting rather than singing. Sadly for me most hymns were not written with shouting in mind. When recording such songs during the mix I raised the level of the children’s voices as high as I possibly could to try and drown out my shouts a bit.You see, I really do sound best singing my own songs, why? Well because I write them with my voice in mind!

Album 20

Praise & Glories 1991

1) Little lamb 2) Set a guard / I am not ashamed 3) Zacchaeus 4) Littlekids marching song 5) But God demonstrates 6) Here comes (Timmy’s) bride (instrumental) 7) Give honour to Jesus 8) Holy fire 9) Little soldier 10) Glorie train 11) Pour down over me 12) You see just at the right time 13) O holy Child 14) Le Pioneer (instrumental)15) Parents please16) Higher higher 17) Be still and know 18) When the battle is over

Album 21

Children’s Hymn Celebration 1992

1) All things bright and beautiful 2) I am so glad that our Father in heaven 3) Tell me the stories of Jesus 4) Praise Him praise Him all ye little children 5) The Lord’s my Shepherd 6) He who would valiant be7) Jesus bids us shine 8) Tell me the old old story 9) Sound the battle cry 10) Jesus wants me for a sunbeam11) What a friend we have in Jesus 12) Onward Christian soldiers