As most of you know, I am at present involved in two writing projects that are very different and I pray for Gods inspiration and guidance as I daily set my mind on both.

One is the ‘Coping with Cancer’ book which Irene and I at last feel able to write, Irene from the carers point of view and myself of course from the patients perspective. This is coming on so well, totally honest and I believe going to bless / surprise many when published in the next few months. More about the book later.

The other of course is the new Scripture Song album which is zooming along and I’m writing lots of songs that work and are doing exactly what I hoped they would do! What do I mean by that…well even after writing them and listening back to them just a couple of times..they are already solidly stuck in my memory and buzzing around my brain…just like Hebrews 11 v 6 did for some of you.

I will choose 20 of the songs for the first album and save the many others for Vol 2, 3 etc!.Now I haven’t mentioned about funding it for a while so please forgive me if I give that another quick mention.

I know you’ve sent me many suggestions of how I could raise the £4,000 needed, which I still might have to pursue at a later date, but I’m still feeling that there may be a few Christians out there who have been wonderfully blessed by God financially and may want to help support the funding of this album because they can see the importance of investing in something that is going to help so many people young and old, both learn and remember Gods Word.

No, it’s not going to be a best seller or financially ‘successful’ but it will be a resource that will not date and I believe will bless people for many years to come just like my previous Scripture Song albums have.

Of course I could be wrong and we may need to do crowd funding or something similar, but I’m going to seek out any spiritual investors just one last time.

Please messenger or e mail me at