Please let people know.

Please can I ask a big favour from you my friends.

Yes I know I keep pushing for people to look at and subscribe to my Ishmaels Songs Youtube channel but the reason I am doing this is because I am praying that this ever expanding library of simple songs (way after I’ve stopped singing them) will still be both a resource and enjoyed by churches, families and individuals.

My favour is please can you (if you live in the UK, USA, Europe or any other country in the world) send out a posting to all the churches that you have contact with, friends and family members and inform them of their availability.

I just so want my songs to be used by God to help all ages learn Scripture and hopefully to bless as many people as possible so please can you help me to share them around.

Just ask your contacts to check out Ishmaels Songs YouTube Channel, where they can watch me singing over 200 of my songs…Hey they don’t have to enjoy my singing I just want them to use my songs!