Kettering Review

The Praise Party in Kettering was really amazing.

More came than expected and as it was all adults I had the chance to sing quite a few Bible story songs such as ‘Bubbling pool’ ‘Bartimaeus’ and ‘4 days ago’ (the Lazarus song) which were really well received along with some lively praise and fun songs…. Of course!

At the end, after fellowship over refreshments, people even applauded again as I said goodbye and left the building (and not like in the old days applauding because they were pleased that I WAS leaving the building)! 😜

Everyone was so appreciative. I made so many new friends. These bookings dare I say are proving to be far better than the ones I did before lockdown, I can’t tell you how relaxed, excited and sort of anointed I felt during the concert.

All I can say is thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to do what you have kept me alive to do …please Lord give me more opportunities to serve you in this way whilst blessing your lovely people.