Next stop….Lincoln!

Moving on (as one must) I’m now really looking forward to Saturday at Lincoln Showground to join in the 40 year celebration of Grapevine/ The One Event.

Lots of well known worship leaders will be taking part and on the publicity I’ve been called a worship leader!

Actually I can’t remember ever being classed as a worship leader before….I’m usually just classed as ‘Ishmael’….as no-one is quite sure what kind of songs I will be playing and singing once I get on stage … inc me!?.

Anyway, I will be doing a short 20 minute ‘nostalgic’ all age Praise Party but I’m also there to honour my good buddies Stuart and Irene Bell who I have been best chums with over the past 50 years.

Wow! How God has wonderfully used this lovely couple over that time!

Can’t wait and feel so honoured to be invited and It will be fun trying to live up to the revered title of…..’worship leader’ whilst (attempting to) jump around the stage (a little less energetically these days) singing my 1980s/ 90s songs! ?