A happy new year

So yet another ‘strange’ year comes to an end.

A year when many have experienced frustration, depression, anxiety and yes, great sadness.

Although I can relate to most of the above I thank God that there has also been a few gems of good times.Over the year I’ve only be able to visit and minister in a tiny number of Churches compared to a normal year but I did get to South Bersted (a few times), Headcorn, Kettering, the One Event in Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Wrington, Birchington, Newport, and Witney. May I add ALL these visits really were highlights of my year!

I also was able to write the songs for and record ‘Scripture Praise Party 2’ and Irene and I (at last) finished writing and published ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book.Another highlight was hearing peoples wonderful response and reactions to both the CD and book.

I am praying that in 2022 I do get to come and sing and talk to many more of you. Hey, I’ve a whole album of new songs to have fun singing with you and yep, lots of stories which I know all ages will enjoy. I want to bring a bit of blessing and a lot of smiles (Ishsmiles) to all I get to visit.

So I reckon it’s time to bring us all into the ‘new’ year with an appropriate ‘old’ Ish song. Maybe like me throughout the past year you have been a little scared by what you have seen, heard and know but it’s a fact…Jesus won’t ever let us go. He’s right there with us when we experience the good, the bad and yes even the ugly

So altogether then lets go into 2022 singing…

‘So i’ve made up my mind that I’m going to follow Him wherever Jesus leads me I will go! (Ishmael’s Praise Party Vol 3 CD)

A very happy new year to all and look forward to seeing some of you in person very soon. X