And now for something a little different!

With Churches now beginning to open their doors again to us itinerant ministries (Praise God) I have something a little different to offer.

As well as still wanting to visit your Church and do…1) All Age Sunday Celebrations, 2) When the road is rough and steep testimony concerts.3) And of course, the All-Age Praise PartyI now want to offer a special Praise Party that is more suitable for, how can I put it politely, a more ‘senior’ audience… you know, people my age!

I feel not many Church events (involving fun) are geared to that age group, but hey, why should just the younger ones have all the fun? Admittedly some of us older ones do find it a little more difficult nowadays to co-ordinate when trying to do complicated action songs and most of us certainly struggle if a song requires some sort of energetic movement, but there are things we can do rather than just sit watching the younger ones enjoying themselves.

My new special Praise Party will of course still include lots of praising, worshipping, learning Scripture, stories etc. but especially geared for the age group present and yes, just as important, lots of laughing and fun as well!We may be getting a little old… but we are NEVER too old to enjoy ourselves.

So, Church leaders if your Church tends to have a majority of the more ‘mature’ people attending, please consider hosting one of these Praise Parties for them to enjoy.Of course, if a few younger ones do creep in, I’ll always have a few reserve songs in the bag for them as well.

I love singing songs to children, parents, and youth, but believe it or not, I also can relate to, and really enjoy singing songs to those of my own age group!As always, travelling distances and numbers attending are not important and I will only be asking the local Church to cover my expenses for whatever you invite me to do for you.If you wish to know more please messenger me or e mail me at