Shop Sales Update

Just thought that you might be interested in our best selling products from our website shop over the past month. This includes both hard copy and downloads.

Needless to say that our 2 latest products ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book and the new ‘Scripture Praise Party 2’ CD top the charts. I’m sure that this was boosted by the great fun Jonathan Veira session that was filmed ‘live’ recently.

With the CDs, the most popular sales have been ‘I know Jesus loves me’ (still very popular with the very young children) and ’52 Scripture Praise Party CDs’..thankfully people are still enjoying singing and memorising Bible verses.

Understandably the 1993 Praise Party DVD mostly filmed at Spring Harvest with many of my older popular songs on it continues to take top video slot.
Very nostalgic with a 44 year old Ish singing on it accompanied by hundreds of 8-11 year old children…who must now be rapidly approaching their 40th birthdays!
This DVD pipped both the ‘Bigger Barn’ and the 2 ‘Cartoon Karaoke’ vids.

Individual song downloads have to be the ever popular ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ and ‘Bigger Barn’.

Remember roughly 38 of my albums can be bought from my website shop (downloads or as hard copy CDS) or you can buy individual tracks as downloads if you so choose.

Plus other books (inc downloads of the 3 ‘Children of the Voice’ books and the ‘365 daily devotional’ book.
Do check the shop out from the link below.

If you have any questions about any of my songs… like which album is a certain song on etc. do ask and I’ll either try and remember or more likely do some research to find out!

And…If you have trouble with PayPal as some do, you can always drop me an e mail and pay directly through BACS.