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Just to say I have started writing new songs at a very frequent rate at the moment, and initially I never know if any song I write is good or not so good and …the first people to hear this song are…YOU!

So if you think it’s good, all credit goes to God…if you think it’s not so good all credit goes to me!

Last Saturday I posted up the first one ‘Go into all the world’ Mark 16 v 15 and until I run dry I will keep posting up new songs for you each Wednesday and Saturday. On Sundays I’ll be singing one of my older songs for you.

As you will see these short music videos are not professionally filmed. They are just me sitting in my office under a sun lamp and happily strumming away at my acoustic guitar and making singing noises whilst facing my mobile phone. BUT the aim of filming these is because a) I think some of the songs could be a resource to you and…b) well I hope some of you like watching and hearing me singing the songs!

And..if you enjoy my songs and would like to either book me to visit your Church or wish to contribute towards my ongoing ministry (which survives thanks to kind donations) please e mail me at

Finally, if you choose to use / play any Ishmael song in a public setting, please add the song title to your churches CCLI list.

This song is written by Ishmael (Ian Smale) and copyright by Song Solutions Daybreak.