The Glories Story

On these pages we’re going to get all nostalgic and post up some great memories of our 30 years of Glorie Team days at various events like Spring Harvest, Kingdom Faith and Grapevine, etc. Please let us know if you spot yourself in the crowds or if you have happy memories you’d like to share. You might also remember some of the songs or the crazy activities you joined in or the exciting things God did in your life.


In his autobiography The History of Ishmael Part One, Ish writes – In October 1978 my newly formed band Ishmael United were in my favourite studio in Eastbourne recording our first album If You Can’t Shout Saved. My old singing buddy Andy Piercy had agreed to come in and produce it, and the album ranged from manic numbers such as Song of the Last Generation to a fun number about some happy little charismatic characters I’d invented called the Glories.

One concept I had always been keen to hang onto was that of the Glories. I believed that I had been inspired by God when I was given this simple idea. In August 1980 I met up again with my friend Andy and also Pete from After The Fire and with the help of their genius, a portable studio, and drum machine, I made a single of the Glorie Song and made the B side a song called The Return of the Magnificent Glories. It was totally electronic, and the only voices were my sister’s children, our children and yours truly.

On Thursday 2 October 1980 I shut myself in a room and again felt God inspiring me to start song writing. I had five hours undisturbed, and by the time I emerged from that room I had both the story line and  written all the songs for a new concept album: Land of Hope and Glories.