Thank You for the Love

Hi, on this page I will be sharing, reviewing, and recommending resources for children’s, family, and all-age, church-based work. I love to explore and discover new ideas, and creative ways of supporting this fantastic ministry. It’s such a privilege to serve the church and to help make worship meaningful and fun for children and families. I hope you’ll find my ideas and recommendations helpful. 

Those of you who follow Ish on Facebook will have read about our hospital dash last weekend when Ish suffered a minor bleed on the brain. Praise God and thanks to everyone’s prayers he is now recovering back at home. We are so grateful to our friends and family for their faith, love, and kindness. Where would we be without the Church.

The medical team don’t know what caused Ish’s bleed but it may have been due to over exertion while gardening last Sunday afternoon. You can guarantee whatever Ish does he does it with zeal. Sometimes he will come in from the garden scratched and bleeding having chopped down branches or got caught up in rose bushes. It’s become a family tease because I always seem to be rushing around patching him up with plasters or driving him to A & E – I often quote Laurel and Hardy – ‘That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into!’ However, on a serious note I am so impressed with our NHS staff. The speed with which they sprang into action after I drove Ish to the hospital, and the way they treated him with such care, dignity and respect is to be commended. I cannot thank them enough also for their efficiency and professionalism.

Our scare is now over and Ish is resting and very grateful for the love and care shown to him. But I have been thinking deeply about people with health issues and this has been the focus of my prayers this week especially as we are coming into what is being described as an austere winter ahead. I am grateful the Church has stepped up again and a recent initiative is ‘Warm Spaces’. I know that many churches are opening their doors and offering a warm place to sit and have a hot coffee or sandwiches provided free or just simply someone to talk to.

These are the things that show people we genuinely care by showing them the love and compassion of Jesus through actions not just words. You might wish to pass on the links below to people you know who would benefit from help.


Lord God we pray for all those suffering from ill health, anxiety and stress about what will happen to them this winter. We pray for provision, that they may eat and heat their homes without fear or worry about money. We pray for churches opening their doors that they will provide a refuge for those in need.




With the rise in the cost of living, we understand that this winter will be challenging. That’s why we’re creating a map where you can find warm spaces and community.


Warm Welcome Spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, from a homework club in a local church on a Tuesday, to over an over 65s community centre drop-in on a Wednesday and library co-working desk open all weekend. Just enter your postcode and requirements to find the right Space for you!


The End Fuel Poverty Coalition is a broad coalition of anti-poverty, environmental, health and housing campaigners, charities, local authorities, trade unions and consumer organisations. We believe that everybody has the right to a warm, dry home that they can afford to heat and power.