Ish’s intro video. Ish tells you a bit about himself and what to expect at a Praise Party.

A large Church asked me to do a very short video introducing both myself and a ‘Praise Party’ to show to their congregation. That got me thinking!

Due to many reasons, I have had much less profile and done a lot less travel for many years, so it seems reasonable to assume that many Churches / people nowadays neither know me nor have any idea what an Ish Praise Party is all about.

Whilst doing the video I also realised the Praise Parties (like me) have changed shape over the years. Today’s Praise Party could be best described as ‘a great fun, all age, all action, Bible teaching, musical event.’ (Sorry, a bit of a mouthful).

I think today I seem to be much more of a basic musical Bible teacher than a worship leader! Anyway, do please watch the very short video and please do share / pass it on to any Church that you think might be interested in knowing a little more about me and in turn may even consider hosting a great fun, all age, all action, Bible teaching, musical event. or to put it simply…a Praise Party!

Any interested please contact me.