2 new / ish events for your church to consider hosting.

As much as I am loving doing the ‘all age praise parties’ and ‘when the road is rough and steep’ testimony concerts (which of course I will keep on doing) to keep me fresh and allow me to sing lots of different songs I want to refresh and revive and offer you a couple of other events that I have previously toured with and seen God use to bless people.

Firstly back comes Ish’s ‘All Age Sunday Service.’ which seemed to be very popular.

However, I am going to make the ‘new’ all age service quite different from the praise party. It will include a Bible reading, a short time of interactive prayer, a short Bible talk with a challenge and of course, a lot of singing.

But I want to make this much more of a time of praise and worship so I will be including a lot more of my new and old praise and worship songs.

Some of these songs will be interactive and all will be easy to learn so that we can all sing them together.

I want to also include a couple of my favourite old hymns…which certainly all your more senior members will know.

The celebration will last approx. 60- 75 minutes and will obviously be informal and fun and of course I will have a few songs for any very young children available in case we need them.

Because it is all age there will be no long sermons, no long prayer times, and as mentioned, lots of easy to sing songs and hymns.

But I promise you, the presence of the Lord will be with us…even if this celebration may be a little different than some are used to!


I want to revive my ‘History of Ishmael’ Testimony concert (again which was very popular a few years ago) as so much more has happened recently.

I have learned so much and seen God do so many amazing things in my life and I just want the opportunity to encourage you by sharing some of these things with you through chat and songs.

This was originally called ‘Sting in the Tale’ and it’s a brief run down of my life story. I will be briefly mentioning exciting things that I encountered from salvation, marriage, Ishmael United, the Glorie Company up until today being a member of the Cathedral clergy. And I will be showing you some amazing photo’s!

Although a lot of the stories I will be sharing are very funny I will also be mentioning some of the mistakes I’ve made, also some of the more difficult and sad times over the past few years and what I have learned from them.

This is a very honest, entertaining yet gently evangelistic concert.

This is not for young children and it is much more of a sit down, relax and listen concert where I sing to you, very unlike the praise party and all age celebration. It will last about approx 75 minutes.

If either of these might be something that your church would be interested in hosting, please e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk

Finally just to mention that any praise parties or all age celebrations that I am invited to during December will of course include some of my Christmas songs.