Cracking weekend in Plaistow!

The Saturday Praise Party turned into a VERY energetic Fun Party for ALL ages as I sang the following.

The welcome song/Hebrews 11v6/Blessed is the king who comes/Tho the grass may wither/Why do you look here for the living/My God shall supply all my needs/Jesus said if you have faith/You never put a light under a dirty old bucket/I will bend down/Jehovah Jireh/Down in a noisy small valley/Wolfy wolfy/Thank you Lord for the food/in the front are the singers/5000 hungry folk/We’re in the Army of the Lord/Bigger Barn/Father God I wonder.

Also nice just to do the preach for a change and not the whole service this morning.

What a lovely large group of friendly people joined us at the Memorial Community Church. Thank you all so much for making us so welcome. We made lots of new friends and I loved every minute of my time being with you.

Remember, I’m still making this offer. For a weekend visit all you have to do is pay for the Saturday and cover the price for an overnight stay on the Saturday night at a local Premier Inn or similar hotel and I will do whatever you would like me to do on the Sunday morning for free. Wow!