The new ‘lively’ Praise Party

The only trouble with writing 100s of songs is that I still enjoy singing 100s of them…even the VERY old ones and if I was to sing ALL my favourites…the Praise Party would last about a week!
I’ve decided that whilst God is still allowing me to have a bit of energy (and always feel the need a bit more exercise) that I am going to ‘liven’ up my all age praise party set with songs that nearly all require a bit of movement or action.

(When I am REALLY REALLY old and not feeling so lively, I’ll bring some more slower worshipful songs back into the set) 😀

Have you noticed that Church people nowadays don’t seem to dance / move around as much as they used to at the end of the last century when praising and worshipping. It’s more just stand by your chair with hands in the air… and of course their is nothing wrong with that!

But at my paise party I want to encourage any (young or old) who like moving about to have plenty of opportunity to do so, no pressure though, those who prefer to sit can of course do so and enjoy smiling as they watch others jumping around. It will be a very happy (with plenty of clappy) time.

Below are a few of the songs I will be selecting from for my more lively Praise Parties and obviously some I will just use if there are a lot of very young children present.

For more details of booking a more lively all age Praise Party please e mail me me at

Needless to say, the more lively praise parties will only be available for a limited time…and they won’t be too long!😴😂

How many of these do you remember?

The presence of the Lord is in this place
Hebrews 11 verse 6
Sing Hallelujah Hallelujah
Though the grass may wither
Why do you look here for the living
My God shall supply all my needs
Jesus said if you have faith
You never put a light under a dirty old bucket
Jehovah Jireh
Down in a noisy small valley (The Glorie Song)
Wolfy wolfy
Thank you Lord for the food you’ve provided
In the front are the singers
We’re in the army of the Lord
Bigger Barn
We will praise we will praise
I will wave my hands in praise and adoration
Father God I Wonder
The Creation song
The Statue song
I will bend down and touch my knees
The welcome song
5000+hungry folk
On my tip toes I am tall
Big thumbs
If I try and read a little bitta Bible every day
I once was frightened of Spiders
I will click my fingers
The tummy button song
In God alone does my soul rest
Delight yourself in the Lord
Christ came into the world
The New Testament Song