Thank you Lord, all glory to God.

These words of encouragement really have made my day!
I’ve just received this e mail from someone at last weeks ‘When the road is rough and steep’ concert. It made me realise all the more that we MUST visit more Churches with this very personal testimony concert whilst God has still allowed me to have bundles of energy

Dear Ishmael and Irene

I’m writing to thank you both for coming over to St Andrew’s last Saturday evening and putting on such an enjoyable, memorable and moving concert. The people who came were significantly helped and it was lovely to see smiles on faces of people who have been through so much. I was personally helped by your comments about using liturgy and familiar words when visiting someone in hospital. It was very much a timely affirmation of that practice.

I loved hearing from Irene and her perspective. I was also fascinated with your journey and the way the Lord continues to use you in Chichester.

Thank you for being willing to share your story for the benefit of others and being used by the Lord in this way.