My time in Wolverhampton

I cannot begin to explain the wonderful time I had at Holy Trinity Church in Wolverhampton on Sunday.

I so love being back with people and doing what I believe God has STILL called me to do.

It was a very large building and a very large all age congregation attended and praise God all ages included lots of children and families.

For me, the bookings have been so much better than before lockdown and the great thing is I feel more relaxed being in front of people than ever before. People seem to be enjoying me…. just being me!I am still praying for more opportunities to visit more churches, as (and I say this humbly) I really feel that God has given me so much to offer especially at this time.

I want to bring a bit of fun and life back into Churches after such a difficult year and a half.I’ve just returned back to Chichester and Gill the lovely organiser has just e mailed me these words of encouragement. Things just get better and better!

Hi Ish,Just to say a big, huge, gigantic “Thank you” for this morning. It was great – just like ‘old times’ and so good to see so many people – especially families – turning up for the service.You have always had such a wonderful ministry of teaching God’s Bible truths through song – and it’s a real blessing to see that God is continuing to use you in this way.

The Lincoln Grapevine / One Event Celebration

It was a wonderful time although I did feel a little ‘the odd man out standing on my lonesome’ as the rest of the day the stage was filled with great worship bands and excellent preachers.

And….what I did was ah sort of different! I think I was definitely the ‘light entertainment’ of the day as all the songs I sang were pre 1985!

I think I fulfilled an important role though as it was 3pm post lunch and a hot sunny afternoon. I think my job was to wake everyone up with dancing and marching songs…and I think I achieved that! 😁

Just to prove how rather different my set was from everyone’s else’s….these are the songs I sang which in fact were very popular at the time we were doing the Glorie Company for many years at Grapevine.

The Glorie song (down in a noisy small valley)

We are in Gods army

Hebrews 11 verse 6

Lord you put a tongue

We will praise we will praise

I will wave my hands in praise and adoration

Father God I wonder

Nostalgic set…of course….lively set…you betcha…Did I enjoy myself…. Loved every minute of the 20 I was given!

Next stop….Lincoln!

Moving on (as one must) I’m now really looking forward to Saturday at Lincoln Showground to join in the 40 year celebration of Grapevine/ The One Event.

Lots of well known worship leaders will be taking part and on the publicity I’ve been called a worship leader!

Actually I can’t remember ever being classed as a worship leader before….I’m usually just classed as ‘Ishmael’….as no-one is quite sure what kind of songs I will be playing and singing once I get on stage … inc me!😜.

Anyway, I will be doing a short 20 minute ‘nostalgic’ all age Praise Party but I’m also there to honour my good buddies Stuart and Irene Bell who I have been best chums with over the past 50 years.

Wow! How God has wonderfully used this lovely couple over that time!

Can’t wait and feel so honoured to be invited and It will be fun trying to live up to the revered title of…..’worship leader’ whilst (attempting to) jump around the stage (a little less energetically these days) singing my 1980s/ 90s songs! 😁

Songs & Hymns CD

Doesn’t time fly!

Can you believe that it’s now over 10 years since I released one of my favourite albums ‘Songs & Hymns’ and after a decade i think it deserves its place to be classed as one of my many ‘back catalogue’ albums.

So like all my other back catalogue albums I will be running copies of ‘Songs & Hymn’s off as people require them and of course reducing the price accordingly.

Hard copy CDs are now £5.00 plus £4.00 p&p.

Downloaded CDs are £5.99

If you’ve not yet got a copy of this album it’s worth getting as I believe it’s one of my best. The songs are some of my strongest and have not dated, also there is the added bonus of some great well known friends of mine doing the lead vocals on some tracks… so certainly this album has the best singing of all my albums!It’s now available from my website shop at the new prices.

So now ALL my albums are back catalogue…but not for long!Very soon ‘Scripture Praise Party 2’ will be released and even if I say so myself, there are some great and definitely some annoyingly unforgettable songs on it!

Kettering Review

The Praise Party in Kettering was really amazing.

More came than expected and as it was all adults I had the chance to sing quite a few Bible story songs such as ‘Bubbling pool’ ‘Bartimaeus’ and ‘4 days ago’ (the Lazarus song) which were really well received along with some lively praise and fun songs…. Of course!

At the end, after fellowship over refreshments, people even applauded again as I said goodbye and left the building (and not like in the old days applauding because they were pleased that I WAS leaving the building)! 😜

Everyone was so appreciative. I made so many new friends. These bookings dare I say are proving to be far better than the ones I did before lockdown, I can’t tell you how relaxed, excited and sort of anointed I felt during the concert.

All I can say is thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to do what you have kept me alive to do …please Lord give me more opportunities to serve you in this way whilst blessing your lovely people.