Booking Ish


Ish is now well enough and available to travel any distance to do any of the following.

1)The Children’s Praise Party

This can happen before any of the following evening events weeknights or weekends.

45 minutes of songs, fun and participation and appropriate for very young children who would be too young to sit through one of the 90 minute concerts. This is more of a non-chair event.


‘Scripture Song’ acoustic concert

In this concert I sing and play about 30 of my most popular Bible teaching and Scripture verse songs…so not much chat! All the songs are instantly sing-a-long-able and incredibly memorable. I guarantee all who attend will leave having learned a little more about the Bible in a great fun way.

This concert is suitable for both adults and older children . It is a seated concert and will last approx 75-90  minutes..

3) The Sting in the Tale / The Glorie Days ‘double’ Concert

2 concerts in 1 evening!

I tell you  a bit of my life story / testimony. Thought provoking, entertaining, totally honest…and fun.


I tell you some amazing faith building stories of the 35 years I spent in children’s ministry and leading the Glorie Company.


We will be singing  some of my favourite songs from my early days and also favourite songs enjoyed during the ‘Glorie Company” days.

This concert is suitable for both adults and older children .It is a seated concert and will last approx 75-90  minutes..

 4) The All Age Praise Party

A very interactive fun event that is aimed at all ages. Very lively with a great mix of songs nearly all interactive. I will also tell a Bible story which will present a gentle evangelistic challenge. The Praise Party is for the most a non seated event (for those who are able) and will last approx 75-90 minutes.

5) Ish’s Big Celebration Concert

Join me as I celebrate 50 years travelling on the road and 70 years living on the earth!

Join me as I share some short stories of my adventures.

Join me as I sing  a lot of my favourite ‘sing-a-long’ praise songs.

Join me in saying a great big thank you to Father God!

This concert is suitable for both adults and older children .It is a seated concert and will last approx 75-90  minutes..

 PLEASE NOTE. I am planning to begin touring with the Big Celebration Concert in September 2019 which will be just after my 70th birthday.

6 Sunday All Age Service

If you are wanting me to do a Sunday All Age Service, I will include a Bible reading, prayers, a short talk and a lot of singing! The service will last approx. 75 minutes. The service will be appropriate for all ages but obviously simplified and fairly light hearted specifically for any younger ones present. It is a service that most adults and children will enjoy but be warned, it may be a little livelier than some are used to!

7) When the road is rough and steep (prayer for healing) concert
A very honest testimony session on how difficult the past few years have been when facing cancer and bereavement. Although obviously serious at times, there will be plenty of smiles throughout keeping the concert easy listening  and  positive. Worship and songs will be included and of course a time for prayer afterwards.

A seminar which will relate to and encourage any who have been through or are going through difficult times.

Why not make it a weekender!
Especially if your Church is quite a distance from Chichester, you want to make it an Ish weekend. On the Saturday you could have an afternoon Children’s Praise Party and in the evening  a concert and on the Sunday the all age service.

I am also available for any other speaking events, that you feel might suit my gifting.
For more information on any of the above please e mail him and he will send you the appropriate booking form with all the finer details.

Financial costs. Most things I do will be free entry to all guests unless the organiser prefers other arrangements.

For weeknights or Saturdays.

To help cover costs I ask the Church / Organiser to contribute £100 per day to cover expenses and at the actual event to take up an offering to help support my ongoing ministry. If an offering is not appropriate, I ask the organisers to contribute an additional £50 in its place.

For Sundays.

I ask the Church / Organiser  to again contribute £100 per day to cover expenses plus £50 instead of the offering as a gift from the Church to help support my ongoing ministry.


I ask that If possible please can the Church /  Organiser pay their agreed above contribution  towards the costs and expenses via BACS the week previous to my being with you.

E mail

If needed, Ish can bring all his own PA equipment for all of the events.