A new Scripture Song CD?

Dear friends,

Over the past few weeks I have been praying about something and I want to put out a few feelers to you to see if I should go ahead with an idea.Although I’ve written dozens of simple songs to help people to learn and memorise Bible verses, apart from the 52 track Scripture Song compilation, I’ve only released 2 albums specifically with that in mind. Scripture Praise Party in 1987 and Bible Belters in 1996.

I am now wondering, 24 years later, if it’s now time to do another Scripture Song album…. or maybe there is no longer the need for these short simple songs.I am planning that the album should have 25 tracks…. I’ve already written 25 but I’m going to continue to write a load more and just record the 25 that I feel are the best.

The trouble is, no company is going to want to pay for an album like this, especially after the past few very difficult months. They know it is not going to make them any money, in fact it’s unlikely to even cover its cost. One Christian organisation has said though that if I finance the recording they will sort out the cover, distribution etc. which is very kind of them.

I really don’t want to release an album that is just me strumming an acoustic guitar. I really do want make album 35 match up to my other albums especially Scripture Praise Party and Bible Belters with the songs professionally arranged and with professional musicians involved.I want people to enjoy listening to it as well as enjoy using it as a resource in their homes and churches.

So here’s the feelers.2 things.

1) Do you think I should go ahead and do this or is my idea now too dated after all these years? I really do not want to pursue something that is no longer going to help and bless people.

2) Maybe, just maybe there are one or two of you out there who have been blessed by God financially and feel that this is a project that you feel you would like to financially help support and sponsor.The basic budget I am looking for will roughly be £4,000 which of course is very low for a 25 track album but I think I could make it work for that sum.So, If the funding does comes in, and you tell me that there is still a need for Scripture learning songs I will believe that it right that I should go ahead with this new album. Actually, I feel rather excited about it!

Thank you so much for reading this and I would seriously value your prayers at this time.If you would like to know more about the funding, please could you e mail me at ishmael@ishmael.org.uk

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Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 20 & 21

On ‘Training up the troops 2’ I included an instrumental used at brother Timbo’s wedding and on ‘Praise & Glories’ I included another instrumental ‘Here comes (Timmy’s) bride’ which Tim Jupp ( who travelled with me for many years and now is the brains behind Big Church Day Out) wrote as the entrance music for his wedding to my niece Becca. I was also now well into writing books and in my ‘Children of the Voice’ novels I wrote out some words for the ‘Littlekids marching song’. I decided to give the words a tune and included it on this album.Again, many songs on this album became very popular including ‘Glorie train’. For those who didn’t know, around this time I nearly became a TV star presenting my very own children’s series called ‘The Glorie train’ for ITV but sadly the ITV station went bust so it didn’t get any further than the pilot. Oh well!

I may have written a few reasonable songs but I owe a lot of gratitude to other hymn / song writers before me who wrote far better songs and were songs that I as a child really loved singing. With this in mind I wanted the children that I was ministering to, to enjoy some of the old songs and not just the new ones that I and others were writing.Hence this album. I’ll let you into a secret, I never liked singing well known songs and hymns written by other people because (you might have noticed) God gave me a voice that was far more suited to shouting rather than singing. Sadly for me most hymns were not written with shouting in mind. When recording such songs during the mix I raised the level of the children’s voices as high as I possibly could to try and drown out my shouts a bit.You see, I really do sound best singing my own songs, why? Well because I write them with my voice in mind!

Album 20

Praise & Glories 1991

1) Little lamb 2) Set a guard / I am not ashamed 3) Zacchaeus 4) Littlekids marching song 5) But God demonstrates 6) Here comes (Timmy’s) bride (instrumental) 7) Give honour to Jesus 8) Holy fire 9) Little soldier 10) Glorie train 11) Pour down over me 12) You see just at the right time 13) O holy Child 14) Le Pioneer (instrumental)15) Parents please16) Higher higher 17) Be still and know 18) When the battle is over

Album 21

Children’s Hymn Celebration 1992

1) All things bright and beautiful 2) I am so glad that our Father in heaven 3) Tell me the stories of Jesus 4) Praise Him praise Him all ye little children 5) The Lord’s my Shepherd 6) He who would valiant be7) Jesus bids us shine 8) Tell me the old old story 9) Sound the battle cry 10) Jesus wants me for a sunbeam11) What a friend we have in Jesus 12) Onward Christian soldiers

Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 18 & 19

As mentioned, the troops albums were a couple of my favourites. Although both 1 & 2 were primarily aimed for children at our Glorie Company gatherings, a lot of the songs on these albums proved to be what we call crossover songs and were picked up by adults and sung at their meetings and services.Again I included a couple of instrumentals and the 1st track Andy and I wrote as the exit music for brother Timbo and his new wife Gill’s wedding service.But with all the great tracks on these albums my favourite has to be ‘What a long hard day it’s been’. Along with Father God I Wonder, this has proved to be one of the most meaningful songs that I have ever written. This song means so much to me personally.I’ve always loved singing Christmas Carols but so often they are played in such a dirgy and depressing way.I wanted children to enjoy singing these great traditional Christmas songs in a bouncy rocky way, hence why I saw the real need for this album.All these years later I still maintain that this is one of the most bouncy, lively yet sincere Christmas Carol albums performed by Christians available.

Now troops 1 & 2 are available on a double CD from us but sadly we had to drop 3 tracks from Vol 1 as there was not enough room on the CD for all of them.

Album 18

Training up the Troops Vol 2 1989

1) Here comes the bride 2) Come on (Lets praise the Lord) 3) G L O R I E 4) Children of God’s family 5) Light a flame 6) A promise from Your lips 7) Almighty God is here 8) Marching orders 9) Begone you evil minded men 10) Nicodemus 11) Little troopers revisited 12) Lord I need to know you love me 13) Glorie electro-reel 14) The Marksman 15) What a long hard day it’s been (Angels)

After training up the troops 2 in 1989 we released ‘Hooked on Ishmael’ but I’ve not included this because this was not my recording. This was Tim Jupp’s wonderful instrumental album linking a whole host of songs from my previous albums together and really making them bounce along in the then popular ‘hooked on’ style.

Album 19

Christmas Carol Celebration 1991

1) Oh come all ye faithful 2) The first Nowell 3) Good Christian men rejoice 4) Away in a manger 5) Angel’s from the realms of glory 6) Once in Royal David’s City 7) Ding dong merrily on high 8) See amid the winters snow 9) O little town of Bethlehem 10) God rest ye merry gentlemen 11) Silent night 12) Hark the herald angel’s sing

Ish’s Daily Discography. Plus a bit of info on each. Albums 16 & 17

With the idea of ‘Training up the troops’ came some of the most exciting days in the Glorie Company. When I released this first Troops album I asked all my team to come to Spring Harvest dressed in army fatigues. The idea was to teach children that we are all in God’s army and in a battle against the evil one who wants to wreck the lives of both young and old. Pretty heavy stuff for 8 to 11 year olds maybe, but I believe they not only took it onboard, but also became a lot Spiritually stronger after learning (in a child friendly way of course) about Spiritual warfare. The 2 Training up the troops albums are 2 of my favourite recordings containing some very strong songs and strangely enough, I even wrote some instrumental tracks to include on them which we used for our ‘keep fit’ slot in the Glorie Company programme. Originally only released on cassette as cassettes were now the ‘in’ thing and the way everyone was listening to music on their Sony Walkmans!Now troops 1 & 2 are available on a double CD from us but sadly we had to drop 3 tracks * as there was not enough room on the CD for all of them.Songs for Little troopers was recorded all electronically and Tim Jupp (who travelled with me for many years playing keyboard) would now be the mastermind behind many of the albums to follow. This is a great bouncy recording for our little younger troopers who may have found some of the more ‘mature’ tracks on the troops recordings a little too old for them.

Album 16

Training up the troops 1988

1) The commission (Instrumental) 2) We are in God’s army 3) We are all assembled 4) Little troopers 5) Training up the troops* 6) I will call upon the Lord 7) God is here God is present 8) We are the Glorie Company 9) We will praise You* 10) Don’t be lazy 11) The deserter 12) Lord I strive 13) May the peace and presence 14) We belong to an army 15) Mission accomplished (Instrumental)

Album 17

Songs for little troopers 1989

1) I’m a little Glorie (Instrumental) 2) Lord we’ve come to worship You 3) I want to learn about Jesus 4) 39, thirty nine 5) The Grasshopper song 6) I don’t need to be big to be beautiful 7) Little man 8) So if you think you’re standing firm 9) 5000 + hungry folk 10) The Lord’s prayer 11) Lord You gave me joy in my heart 12) I will click my fingers 13) Down in a noisy small valley 14) Lord I want to be a Glorie 15) There’s nothing better 16) The Lord’s army 17) The Royal Prayer Force 18) Father God I wonder 19) I’m a little Glorie (Reprise)