52 Scripture Songs (The First 26 Songs) (2002)


We have now released the 52 Scripture Songs double CD as 2 separate CD’s. Here are the 1st batch of 26 of Ishmael’s Favourite Scripture Songs selected from 10 classic albums. All the tracks have been digitally remastered from the originals and some tracks have been totally re-recorded. This CD is not just a great way for children to remember Bible verses, it ts also ideal for adults ! Also, these are ideal songs to teach at All-Age services.

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Track List
1) 3.9. Thirty Nine
2) We Believe In Hebrews 13-8
3) My God Shall Supply
4) A Little Faith
5) When Jesus Was A Little Child
6) It’s Like Working For The Lord
7) Creation Song
8) Let’s Sing To The Lord
9) Children Obey Your Parents
10) Be Merciful To Me, O God
11) Behold I Stand At The Door
12) I Will Call Upon The Lord
13) In The Sixteenth Verse
14) Do Not Store Up
15) When I’m On My Bed
16) The Wicked Will Find No Peace
17) For The Lamb
18) Lord’s Prayer
19) We Must Be Strong
20) Ecclesiastes 5 Says
21) But God Demonstrates
22) Corinthian Gifts, Galatian Fruit
23) The Fear Of The Lord
24) The Fields Are Ripe
25) He Has Shown You
26) Blessed Is The King

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This album is suitable for all ages.

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