As Subtle As A Sledgehammer (1987)

Should I outlive my mate Ishmael, I would like to write on his tombstone: “He looked as though he never knew what he was doing!” The art of the master is to make his craft look easy.’ Sadly my friend Gerald Coates did not outlive me, but I still love his quote.
This compilation album was released as a fund raiser.
Please note. You will not have a numbered track order because although this CD has been digitally enhanced, it was taken straight from a cassette, and ah, for some reason in those days it seemed trendy to link all the tracks together!

This product is not available to purchase from this shop however, if you would like this compilation album please e mail Ish ( and he will tell you how you can receive it.

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Track List
1) It’s Amazin What Praisin Can Do
2) D Is For Dynamite
3) I Wanna Be Free
4) Word Of Wisdom
5) Supernaturally
6) Praise Party
7) Lord You Put A Tongue
8) The Fields Are Ripe
9) I Will Pour Out My Spirit
10) We Will Praise, We Will Praise
11) The Sky Is Filled (Written By Mick Gisbey)
12) O Lord You’re Great
13) Where Oh Death Is Your Victory (Written By Mick Gisbey)
14) The Beatitudes
15) Father God I Wonder

Age Appropriate
This album is most suitable for adults.

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Compact Disc, Digital Download