Be Happy & Be Glad (2007)


20 Ish songs that can brighten up Primary School Assemblies and allow the children to see that singing songs about God can be modern…as well as ancient ! And for the first time…all these songs are on ONE CD ! You can be creative and make up your own actions and movements.


Track List
1) Be Happy And Be Glad
2) I Breathe In I Breathe Out
3) Grace
4) You Are My God
5) Hi Diddle De Hi Hi
6) The Lord Is So Cool
7) God’s Love Is So Great
8) Justice
9) Tummy Button Song
10) Father God Created The World
11) I Will Bend Down
12) God Gave Me Hands
13) Let’s Thank The Lord For Music
14) Walking Round A Farm
15) Strength
16) Thumbs And Fingers Song
17) Joshua At Jericho
18) A Rabbit Can Hop Around
19) Thank You Lord For The Food
20) The Birds Can Fly

Age Appropriate
This album is most suitable for infant and primary school children.

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Compact Disc, Digital Download