I Know Jesus Loves Me Too (2006)


12 brand new songs plus updated old favourites, 5000+Hungry Folk; There Was A Little Man; I’m In The Boat And It Won’t Go Down and a song that Irene and I wrote together, Lord Here We Stand. Also includes Little Suzy Had A Fright; Walking Round The Farm; Joshua At Jericho and a fantastc song for all ages to use at a Communion service: The Communion Song.

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Track List
1) The Disciples Went Fishing
2) God Gave Me Hands
3) Little Suzy Had A Fright
4) 5000+ Hungry Folk
5) In The Sea
6) When I Get Up In The Morning
7) I’ve So Much To Thank God For
8) The Communion Song
9) I Will Try
10 There Was A Little Man
11) Walking Round A Farm
12) The Earth Is Filled With Glorious Things
13) Joshua At Jericho
14) Lord Help Me To Listen
15) I’m In The Boat And It Won’t Go Down
16) Lord Here We Stand

Age Appropriate
This album is mostly suitable for younger ones but also includes a few songs for all ages.

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