Ishmael’s Songs & Hymns (2011)


The Songs and Hymns album helps sum up part of my journey of living in pain both with Leukaemia and family bereavement. Old and new songs about life, resurrection and of course praising God. These helped me to stay positive during those dark years. I wrote 13 songs but due to having a throat operation at the same time, see the tracklist, where some very good friends of mine kindly helped by singing some of the songs for me.


Track List
1) The Presence Of The Lord (Ish)
2) Father You Made Us (Cathy Burton)
3) Oh The Peace (Martin Smith)
4) Disciples Of Jesus (Ish)
5) Hallelujah Praise To Jesus (Aaron Frith)
6) Amazing Love (Dave Bilbrough)
7) There Is One True Messiah (Ish)
8) Psalm 139 (Andy Piercy)
9) Blessed Is The King Who Comes (Aaron Frith)
10) God Is Here God Is Present (Martin Smith)
11) I Just Thank God (Cathy Burton)
12) Almighty God Is Here (Andy Piercy)
13) May The Peace And Presence (Dave Bilbrough)

Age Appropriate
This album is most suitable for adults.

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