Little Songs For Little Children (1998)


The biggest mistake I made when making the three songs for little children albums was putting ‘Little Children’ in the title! But after saying that this one album definitely is for little children. It’s packed with songs that encourage little children to do actions and movement whilst at the same time teaching them some simple truths about Jesus. I still love playing, Quick On Your Feet Again, The Statue Song, I Will Bend Down And Touch My Knees and enjoy seeing the children’s faces as they join in the actions.

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Track List
1) Quick …On Your Feet Again
2) Hi Diddle De Hi Hi
3) The Birds Can Fly And The Monkeys Swing
4) On My Tip Toes I Am Tall
5) The Statue Song
6) I May Live In A Great Big City
7) What A Team We Make
8) Let’s Count To 4
9) It’s Party Time
10) I’m Leading A Christian Band
11) I Will Bend Down And Touch My Knees
12) Big Thumbs
13) A Rabbit Can Hop Around…So Can I
14) Sing Hallelujah, Praise The Lord
15) We Are Marching Along In The Power Of God
16) Giveaway
17) Let’s Praise The King

Age Appropriate
This album is mostly suitable for younger children.

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