Praise N Glories (1991)


Two years after the release of ‘Training up the Troops 2’ and Ishmael was still in a loud and energetic mood. This album brought in more of the heavier guitar tracks but still managed to balance them out with a smattering of scripture songs and even a song directed at parents encouraging them to spend time with their children. It was very much a participation album and in ‘Little Lamb’ all the children were encouraged to throw their Glorie hats in the air as they shouted at the tops of their voices. Ishmael also wrote a song to go with his three ‘Children of the Voice’ novels and included it on this album. The song however that was undeniably the number one hit of this recording was: ‘The Glorie Train’. A children’s TV series was potentially developed from this song, but that’s another story!

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Track List
1) Little Lamb
2) Set A Guard / I Am Not Ashamed
3) Zacchaeus
4) Little Kids Marching Song (From Children Of The Voice)
5) But God Demonstrates
6) Here Comes (Timmy’s) Bride (Instrumental)
7) Give Honour To Jesus
8) Holy Fire
9) Little Soldier
10) The Glorie Train
11) Pour Down Over Me
12) You See Just At The Right Time
13) O Holy Child
14) Le Pioneer (Instrumental)
15) Parents Please
16) Higher Higher
17) Be Still And Know
18) When The Battle Is Over

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